Saturday, March 27, 2010

Richie Rich goes fishing

Howdy folks! Well I was able to get Richie Rich out from behind his computer long enough to wet a hook this week. It was his first time fishing in months and he spanks me from the back of my own boat so how do you like that! We actually had a pretty good day on Wednesday even though the front moved in sooner that expected. We used clips from the Gainesville Marina and Chattahoochee River areas to zero in on some fish and wound up with a pattern that called for secondary points with chunk rock. These points needed to be a little on the shallow side. Our fish came in less than 10 feet of water.

I fished again on Friday mostly just scouting for the March of Dimes/American Protiens tournament. I'll be fishing that one with Toby Hicks from the ABA. Check in here for my report Saturday evening (ok maybe Sunday).

Rich will be video-taping the MS Benefit tournament on Carter's Lake on Saturday. Louie Bartonfield is fishing that one as well as our buddy Matt Driver from ProAngler Radio. Pastor Rick Shoup of the Chattahoochee Baptist Church might be fishing that one if he can get off of FR (fishing restriction). Rich will have the video up on the site sometime mid next week.

Hey don't forget the Chattahoochee Baptist Church has another benefit tournament on Lanier April 3rd from Little Hall. That one will guarantee another $1,500 first place check! Take a look at the March 6th video at to get an idea of how a professional weigh-in event is supposed to look!

As always folks, tight lines and be sure to utilize the JIMBO code when you purchase drought video clips from this site. Good fishing!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jimbo's Lake Lanier Fishing Report - March 15, 2010

Howdy folks - hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the warmer weather (Finally!)

Well, I got back out on Lake Lanier this afternoon - what a difference some warm days make! I had a great day for numbers - caught 14 total, broke off 3 on hook sets, and missed several other bites. My biggest was 3.4, but I caught a lot of solid fish. Every single one of my fish came on a 1/4 oz. brown Spot Remover jig with a green Yum Twin Tail trailer. I also used the YUM Crawfish scent on my jig - not sure it helps, but thought I would include that. All of the fish I found today were around docks in shallower pockets - all fish were in less than 10 ft of water. I fished above Browns Bridge most of the day. I believe the fish are finally moving up in force, and hopefully will stay there for awhile, unless the weather turns real cold again.

I found some good warming water today, and marked 55.4 degrees in one pocket - I caught back to back 3 pounders in that area off the SAME spot on a dock - that was awesome! Make sure to get your jig up in the docks as far as possible - that is key. As far as the break-offs, I surmised that those occured based on the locations I was fishing. Most of the docks from which I caught fish had that buck brush growing around it, and I believe my line fell victim to those bushes. That stuff is tough on line. I felt certain that one of the break-offs was a big fish, just based on where it was, and how the bite felt - you know what I mean guys - it just had that certain "feel".

Once again, led me to the fish - I was able to pattern the fish based on a stop I made using our information - it just helps make your fishing easier - trust me! Check out some of our clips online at We have divided the lake into thirds to make purchasing sections of the lake easier - these packages are truly a great value! Make sure to use the "Index to Clips" button to sort out the areas where there is brush in pockets, near docks - IMPORTANT!

Until next time anglers - good fishing and tight lines. Remember, use the JIMBO code when you are purchasing clips online at - you will save 5%!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3

Hello fellow anglers! Hope everyone is well and loving the snow! What a disappointing site - I was hoping the fish would be moving up to start their "process" anytime, but I am fearful this shot of bad weather may delay things further.

I went fishing on Monday - overall, I thought the lake looked pretty good. The lower lake, including the creeks was really starting to clear up. The upper section (above Browns Bridge) was still quite stained. Water temperatures were definitely on the rise - I marked as high as 48 degrees in a few spots - back in the pockets off main lake. I really expected to get more bites somewhere in those pockets based on the sunshine and warming weather. They were hard to come by. I thought I would have seen more action on a day like that - especially pre-front. I only fished from 1 PM to 6 PM - maybe it was a morning bite!

I will be hitting the lake again later this week (if the snow stops!) and will report back on my findings. If the shallow areas fall again, I will move back out and try some of the deeper ledges and see what I find...these fish have to get busy soon - it's March!

Look for at two locations this weekend. Rich will be at the CBC Benefit tournament on Lanier (Little Hall), filming the weigh-in, and I will be at the weigh-in for the BFL tournament on Lake Sinclair. Both are expecting good turn-outs, and the weather is scheduled to cooperate - so we may see some good sacks on Saturday! Oh, Rich says go to to register for the CBC tournament!

Until next time anglers - good fishing and tight lines. Make sure to use the JIMBO code when you are purchasing clips online at - you will save 5%!!